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Direct drives from EAAT

Direct drives from EAAT stand for innovation and precision. For more than 25 years we have been developing and manufacturing electric drives that are specially optimized for our customers' applications. Due to close cooperation with our customers, innovative direct drives are created that are characterized by high system integration and quality.

EAAT engineers will be happy to develop a direct drive for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

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Advantages of direct drives from EAAT

Direct drives can be adapted directly to the process. They work without gears and therefore have neither play nor slack. This significantly improves efficiency and also minimizes noise generation. Direct drives are characterized by high dynamics and positioning accuracy. Due to the small number of installed components, it has a long service life and requires only minimal maintenance.

High-speed direct drives have a smaller volume, a lower mass and a particularly high power density.

Our services

  • Calculation and simulation of magnetic systems
  • Construction and production planning
  • Construction of prototypes and small series
  • Commissioning and testing
  • On-site support

A direct drive - what is it?

Direct drives are drives in which the electric motor and the driven machine are directly connected to one another. The engine and the driven machine have the same speed. A gear can be dispensed with. A direct drive is used in a wide variety of areas - e.g. in grinding machines, transport systems, fans and pumps.

Rotating direct drives

Rotating direct drives are mostly designed as torque drives and are therefore characterized by high torques. In addition to press drives, their area of application also includes turning and milling devices as well as wheel hub drives.

wheel hub drives

Linear direct drives

A linear direct drive is a unit that moves in a straight line. Unlike to other linear drives, they works without a spindle or worm gear. This can increase the dynamics of the drive system. This form of drive technology is used, for example, in transport systems, test stands and as an actuator in hydraulic valves.

Linear drives

Linear direct drives

The RT drive from EAAT - rotation and translation in one drive

The RT drive from EAAT combines rotation and translation in a combined drive system. This drive system was specially developed for applications with high demands on process purity, e.g. under vacuum conditions.

With the help of a direct drive, both the linear and the rotating movement of a freely moving carriage is realized.