Elektrische Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik
EAAT GmbH Chemnitz

Voltage sources from EAAT

EAAT offers voltage sources for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of power. Our voltage sources can be used in test fields, laboratories and production lines to test devices. The voltage sources are able to simulate all internationally known grid conditions.

Our voltage sources can be used to simulate international grids. In addition, the power supplies can also be used to simulate the vehicle electrical systems of trains and airplanes.

Based on modern converter technologies, our voltage sources offer a high degree of flexibility. In addition to some standard devices, our sources are adapted to the specific requirements of our customers.

With our devices, voltage and frequency can be set freely and independently of one another. The devices are operated with voltage control and subordinate current control. Furthermore, the voltage sources offer various interfaces such as Ethernet or Modbus-TCP, via which parameterization or measured value recording is possible.

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Advantages of the voltage sources from EAAT

EAAT voltage sources cover a wide power range. In various expansion stages, they deliver up to 530 V of flexible frequency at the output. Adapted to the needs of our customers, additional functionalities can be implemented.

Our voltage sources combine modern power electronics and control technology with flexibility and individuality.