Elektrische Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik
EAAT GmbH Chemnitz

Power electronics

One of EAAT GmbH's first and currently, most important, pillars is the development of customer-specific power electronics. Since the foundation of the company, it has developed and manufactured current and voltage sources as well as frequency converters which later resulted in the first serial productions.

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Frequency converters and pulse actuator

Our frequency converters and pulse actuators are specially adapted to our customers' requirements. Thus only a few configuration options are specified in the following.

Input voltage: DC (up to 800 V)
AC, 1 phase (120/230 V; 50/60 Hz)
AC, 3 phase (230/400 V; 50/60 Hz)
Output voltage: DC, 1 phase, 3 phase (max. height/amplitude depends on the input voltage)
Output power: <100 W to 150 kW
Output frequencies: 0 to 1000 Hz
Communication: RS232, RS485, USB, CAN, EtherCAT, Profibus, Modbus
Other interfaces: digital and analog inputs and outputs
Assembly: Control cabinet installation, Direct assembly on the motor

Current and voltage sources

Our current and voltage sources are principally used in testing fields for simulating third-party grids or in research facilities for a wide range of experiments (e.g. for generating magnetic fields). In 2013, the concept of our sources was revised which allows us to offer our customers a wider spectrum. New interfaces were added which allows for PC control.

Configuration examples

Input voltage: AC, 3 phase (400 V, 50/60 Hz)
Output voltage: DC, 1 phase, 3 phase
Output power: 5 kVA to 150 kVA
Output frequencies: 0 to 1000 Hz
Interfaces: upon request

Other options upon request


other customer-specific solutions

In addition to the current and voltage sources and the frequency converters, EAAT also develops other power electronic circuits or supports customers in designing electrical systems.