Elektrische Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik
EAAT GmbH Chemnitz

As early as 2018, EAAT GmbH Chemnitz built the first generation a Test Bench Inverter for power capacitors. This was implemented in a 3-level ANPC converter topology as a hybrid solution made from the latest SiC MOSFET technology and Si-IGBT`s that are established on the market.

The motivation for this development is the rapid development towards ever faster switching power semiconductors.

The result is, the loads on passive components such etc. as capacitors, in the DC link of converters and network compensation systems have increased significantly. With the Test Bench System developed by EAAT, these loads can be tested and simulated close to the application. As a consequence, the design security for these components can be significantly improved, close to reality during the development process. Furthermore, reliability studies and durability tests as well as a production-related product test are possible.

As part of the EU research project Power2Power, EAAT, in cooperation with Infineon and other partners, has been testing power semiconductors based on a new generation of 300 mm wafers for the first time since 2019. This new generation of wide-bandgap components promises improved reliability and robustness with higher dielectric strength and current carrying capacity as well as a significant increase of power density.

EAAT is now using these components industrially for the first time in the 2nd generation of the test bench for power capacitors that was already implemented in 2018. In this application, output currents of up to 1200 A (rms) or 2000 A (peak) and output voltages of up to 800 V (rms) can be implemented. This allows large power capacitors to be tested realistically.


Figure: 2nd Generation Capacitor Test Bench

The synthesis of up to 10 freely selectable frequencies in the range up to 5000 Hz allows the user to simulate the final application of the capacitors. With the test bench developed by EAAT GmbH, the complete life cycle of capacitors and other power components, such as inductors, can be simulated with an increased load from fundamental and harmonics in endurance and thermal stability tests.

applikationsnahes Spektrum

Figure: Exemplary, Application-Related Spectrum of 5 Frequencies

The new wide-bandgap components replace the previously used Si-IGBT`s within the implemented capacitor test bench and make it possible to double the power density of the system and make the design of the capacitor Test Bench significantly more compact.

With the system developed by EAAT, the user has a powerful and flexible Test System at his disposal, which, using the latest semiconductor technology and innovative detailed solutions as well as a comfortable control, offers the possibility of testing passive assemblies and components in accordance with the specifications.