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Current sources from EAAT

In addition to frequency converters, EAAT develops customer-specific current sources that are used, for example, in laboratories and test fields. Our current sources can be used for component testing (e.g. capacitors and inductors) and generating magnetic fields in the low and medium frequency range. In addition to single-phase and multi-phase systems, EAAT also offers current sources for supplying oscillating circuits. By using the latest IGBT and MOSFET chip technologies including SiC, our current sources are able to cover a wide range of output frequencies even with high currents.

EAAT engineers will be happy to develop a current source for you that is precisely tailored to your application.

Advantages of EAAT current sources

EAAT current sources are characterized by their high degree of individuality and flexibility. They are always adapted to the wishes of our customers. Through the use of modern technologies, they offer high performance and a high degree of efficiency.

Depending on the application, our current sources deliver currents up to 2 kA and frequencies up to 50 kHz, whereby these parameters are freely adjustable.


A current source - what is it?

A current source is an electrical energy source that supplies the connected consumer with an electrical current. In the ideal case, this current does not depend on the type of consumer connected or only to a small extent.

Our current sources always work with current regulation. The voltage at the output of the device is set depending on the consumer.

Single and multi-phase systems

EAAT offers current sources as single or multi-phase systems. These systems offer the following output data:

  • Voltage: up to 1.000 V
  • Current: up to 1.000 A
  • Frequency (Output): 0 to 1.000 Hz

Current sources of this type are used, for example, to test components (e.g. power capacitors) and to generate rotating magnetic fields.

Systems for supplying resonant circuits

In addition to the single-phase and multi-phase systems, EAAT offers current sources for supplying resonant circuits. Systems of this type can be used, for example, in metallurgy. The devices offer the following range of services:

  • Voltage: up to 500 V
  • Current: up to 2.000 A
  • Frequency: up to 50 kHz

Product examples

Current source for generating rotating magnetic fields

Power source for generating rotating magnetic fields

This current source offers the option of feeding a three-phase system or two single-phase systems. The phase position of the two single-phase systems can be freely set to one another and the direction of rotation of the three-phase system can be switched.

  • Current: up to 165 A
  • Frequency: 10 to 1.000 Hz
  • Voltage: up to 320 V
  • water cooled
  • Operation using an industrial PC

Test bench for power capacitors

Our test bench for power capacitors enables a wide variety of tests to be carried out, such as thermal stability tests. It can be used in a wide current and voltage range for a large number of different capacitors. The special feature here is the possibility of testing with a freely adjustable current spectrum of up to 10 frequencies, with currents up to 1.200A.

The test bench enables the testing of:

  • 1-phase AC capacitors
  • DC capacitors
  • 3-phase AC capacitors

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Medium frequency generator

Medium frequency generator

Our medium frequency generator is used in metallurgy. The device generates currents up to 2 kA in a frequency range from 5 to 35 kHz. It works for this with the help of a parallel resonant circuit and modern SiC-MOSFET technology. This type of current source is used to generate medium-frequency magnetic fields in molten metal.

Technical specifications:

  • Current: up to 2.000 A
  • Frequency: 5 to 35 kHz
  • Voltage: up to 500 V
  • water cooled
  • Operation via touch panel