Elektrische Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik
EAAT GmbH Chemnitz

Manufacturing Services From EAAT

You have no capacity and need support? You're looking for a partner in the areas of device assembly, cabinet construction, magnet assembly of rotors or the manufacture of special winding goods?

At EAAT, we offer our customers high quality and reliable order processing with our manufacturing services. We have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2006.

Installation of electrical and mechanical components and devices

In our production area we assemble and test electrical and mechanical assemblies and devices. We have a specially set up ESD protection area for the assembly of electrical assemblies.

Our services include the following activities:

  • Component Completion
  • Soldering Operations
  • Final Assembly
  • Functional Testing

custom control cabinet construction

In addition to the assembly of devices and assemblies, EAAT offers the assembly of control cabinets according to customer specifications. We assemble both individual pieces and small and medium-sized series.

Manufacture of specific winding goods

As part of our production of electric motors, we have acquired a great deal of know-how over the years in the production of coils with high accuracy requirements and special shapes. We would like to use these skills for our customers.

Our services include the following activities:

  • Windings of individual parts and small series
  • Processing of round and flat wires
  • Preparation of baked varnish and complex coil forms

Magnet assembly operations for special applications

EAAT has been manufacturing electric motors for special applications for over two decades. As part of this production, we have specialized in equipping rotors and rotors with high-energy magnets. We offer this service to engine manufacturers, for example.